Tamil Nadu Housing and Habitat Development Project

Consulting Firm Selection for Preparation of the Environmental Assessment and Management Framework and Site-Specific Environmental Assessments for selected project interventions:

List of Guidance and Support Documents for preparation of Request for Proposal:

1.World Bank Group- General Environmental Health and Safety Guidelines.

2.World Bank Environmental Guidelines for Decommissioning and Demolition of Existing Buildings.

3.Guidelines for the Rehabilitation of Borrow Pits.

4.World Bank Stakeholder Consultations in Investment Operations Guidance Note.

5.Environmental Health and Safety Guidelines  for Construction, Renovation and Demolition.

6.Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines for Construction Materials Extraction.

7.Managing the Risks of Adverse Impacts on Community from Temporary Project Induced Labour Influx.

8.Guidelines for Health and Safety of Workers, Communities and Visitors.

9.Examples of World Bank Project Environmental Assessment and Management Frameworks.