Enumeration and verification of Slum Families Encroachments Under JnNURM


1.Conduct of baseline survey of slums along with Corporation of Chennai & identification of Project Affected Families (PAFs) in objectionable locations such as road margins, pavements, railway track margins, and river margins where the lands are required for development purposes. (B.R.No.
2. Community planning for housing through community consultations and rapport building to facilitate better networking and coordination.
Under JNNURM, Corporation of Chennai being the nodal agency, TNSCB Co-ordinates with the (LOD)Land Owing Departments Corporation of Chennai and PWD to facilitates for Confirmation of Beneficiaries for housing through joint verification.
Total Number Verified as per the norms of the Board:
Total Number facilitated for issue of allotment Orders: 4578a

Co-ordination for Provision of Community Social Infra Structure
1. To be involved in involved in the three stages of R & R process 
viz., preliminary phase, implementation and post resettlement stages.
1. Co-ordination for provision of community social infrastructure:
Challenge: Though the slum dwellers have lived in unhygienic, shanty hutments/structures without any basic facilities in the core city the fact that their access to all the other facilities offered to the entire community cannot be denied. Hence provision adequate necessary community social infrastructure in Resettlement and Rehabilitation Schemes are inevitable.
2. Coordination with the Line Departments for provision/continuation/sustenance community facilities viz. Pre-Schools, Primary Schools, Public Distribution System, Public Health Centre, Milk Booth, Police Outpost, Community Hall, Burial Ground, Vocational Training Centre,
3. Facilitator’s role in the provision of upgradation of shelter units
4. For the upkeep of the entire settlement Awareness creation, formation of women Self Help Groups, Residents Welfare Association
5. Extended Livelihood Support Programme for the Tsunami affected families in the past.
6. Income Generation Programmes for the holistic development resettled families.
7. Commencement of 1098 child help line through Child India Foundation co-ordinating with CHES(Community Health Education Society) within the scheme first of its kind.
8. Conduct of skill training programmes
9. Conduct of job melas.
10. Facilitating through special camps extension of SSS (Social Security Schemes) with Revenue Department.
11. School children support programmes, drop out children programmes, Computer classes, counseling centres through NGOs/CBOs. In the space provided by TNSCB.
12. For the rehabilitation of flood affected families resettled in permanent structures co-ordinated with Engineering and Revenue Wings for
• Facilitating when arriving at the R& R Scheme
      • Facilitated for required medical help through special camps arranged by Corporation of Chennai.
      • Through interaction with the allottees facilitated for allotment of ground floor tenements to the aged/infirmed/major ailments/physically challenged/children with mentally challenged.
      • Through special camps admitting children below 5 years in the existing /newly commenced ICDS Centres
      • Through special camps with Directorate Of School Education admitting the school going children from 1st to 9th and 11 th in the existing schools.
      • If inadequate arrange for functioning of new schools in the classes for which required.
      • Enlisting children of classes 10th and 12th and facilitate for issue of bus passes through Metro Transport Corporation to continue their education and complete the Government exams.
      • Co-ordinated for Biometric work with designated agency.
      • Co-ordinated for issue of one time Shifting allowance
      • Co-ordinated for Opening of Bank a/c to issue subsistence allowance for 12 months.